Saturday, 12 March 2011

March Build update

Its has been some time since my last update on the blog rather lazy I'm afraid on this front, but the COB is coming along nicely since last time i have completed the chassis with all the brake lines. below are some pics of the chassis so far.
Front over view with Brake lines installed

Front right Corner

Rear Brake assembly with first remote bleed nipple fitted

 As you can see from the shots above i think the calipers look great now there all plumbed in, i have add some remote bleed nipples which i intend to fit in the boot to make bleeding the rear brakes much easier.

Its time to fit the body

The body Has arrived 20 years out in the weather has not improved the colour

Body on the chassis wow that's heavy

Me And Ashley one of the helpers enjoying a brew

That brings us up to date for now i will add some more detail as i go along