Monday, 3 January 2011

Rear suspension fitting

Another really great day on the progress front today i have been fitting the rear suspension starting with the rear wish bones and torsion bars.

Fitting the first Wishbone a little help required from my trusty second pair of hands or it might be my stool, this really was quite a challenge i seemed to need about 4 pairs of hands to get all the spacers and rubber seals etc etc in place.

Second wishbone goes on again with my second pair of hands in assistance.

Torsion bar in place

Here is a picture of me lining up the rear shocks unfortunately the top mounting were not on the same centres as the bottom mountings so i have had to space the shocks out on the pins every thing seems to function OK but i think i will need to phone dax to check that i have assembled it all correctly, all seem fine when referring to both the jag manual and the build manual but i still think i will check to be on the safe.

Picture of the rear all built up with the shocks on and the anti spread plate for the fulcrum pins which i also made today.

 As i said above a real jump forward today getting all the rear suspension parts fitted hop fully i should get the drive shafts back from chard and sons and the brake callipers are being picked up tomorrow to go and be reconditioned.
 once all the rest of the bits arrive i can finally finish the rolling chassis(i dont half wish i had just bought a new one from the factory)

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