Saturday, 6 August 2011

August update

July Has been a great month it`s been my birthday and my wonderful wife and family bought me some great gifts for the cobra. my wife found me an old motalita wood rim steering wheel from around 1985 brand new but it has been sat in an office for all that time so its kind of bleached the wood looks great, the girls also bought me a gear stick from Europa , I've also finished the gearbox tunnel so it was great to get the steering coll um in to fit the wheel and plonk the gear stick on.

The next job on the list was the pedal box i really didn't like the design of the dax one so i decided to fit a race style pedal box but of course it also needed some perfecting as you can see from the pictures i cut down the pedals as they were too tall. added a left foot rest and put some extra strengthening along the front. and also fitted the ac pedals ( i think they will have to come off for the IVA Test) but they do look great

  also managed to get the steering collum fitted and welded up so the steering now works unfortunately the steering collum has a slight bend in it so i will have to find a new one before the test what a pain but it was cheap i should have asked more questions i think.

 still more to go this time like i say been a great month for the build. Now that the mechanical parts of the chassis and body are fitted i have decided to start on with getting the body prepared ready to paint i plan to do this over Xmas this year so I've got a few months now of fitting doors and filling in holes and getting door gaps perfect, i have made a start today on the doors i have got both sides fitted bit of a pain job but not too bad in the end. I'm really glad you wont see the hinges in the finished product they would be perfect for a tractor. LOL

 That's it for this build update next time i should have all the panel work on and i will be filling and sanding now till the cows come home. (off to Prescott hill climb tomorrow to watch the VSCC members race up the hill)

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