Saturday, 3 March 2012

March 2012 update

Well its been an age since i last posted any progress with the cobra ive been moving to a new workshop so time has been at a premium.

 I started back working on her about 2 weeks ago so my main plan now is to get her ready to paint which means fitting all the bits that fit on the body like the windscreen  lights and door catches etc etc. i also wanted to have internal boot hinges so i have had to make all the hinges for that job as well.

 This was my first attempt at internal hinges unfortunatly it failed miserably basicly the front of the boot caught on the body so back to the drawing board.

 This was what i eneded up doing after many conversations with other folks in the car building trade it became clear the trick was to get the pivot point as high as possible.
 I ended up making a u shaped braket with some lugs to take suitable bolts i then welded that to the seatbelt posts in the boot of the car.
 having already bonded the metal plates required into the boot its self i just had to attact them

 This picture shows the bracket the lugs and the bolt

 The next job was to fit the side pipes im making them from a second hand silencer and mandrel bends for the rest.

Cutting the hole in the body

The best bit the comedy picture with a brew

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  1. Very nice work, i now what i'm talking about, i'm in the middle of my first cobra build up.
    i'm impressed to see that you never take te easy way.
    best regards